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Why GoGreenStraws

At GoGreenStraws, we are mainly committed to provide such biodegradable paper drinking straws by putting a modern spin on Marvin Stone’s original concept which is made from food safe paper and oil; they are perfectly safe so you can use them in all your beverage and food presentations, especially in restaurants and other venues. Our paper drinking straws are eco- friendly, exciting and add an eccentric touch to any type of classic or modern food presentation.

Our Services

3 step to custom your amazing straws with your own brand!

Step1: Find your ideal pattern from our collections or email us your design

More than 100 patterns in our collection


Blue Stripes

Paper Straw

Gold Stripes

Paper Straw

Hot Pink Stripes

Paper Straw

Stainless Steel Straw

Metal steel straw

Glass Straws


Copper Straw Bended

Metal Steel Straw

Step2: Let us know the specific”length”&”diameter“that you want

Step3: Print Logo or not? you decide